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What do we do?

We are a software company from Tampere that serves customers all over Finland.
We offer services to all kinds of companies in all fields. Our most important products are ordering systems for restaurants, which include, for example, an application, the restaurant's website, an updatable lunch menu and flyers. In addition to the order system, we offer all kinds of design and development services, from graphic design to branding a new company.

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Our services

Website Development

Our company specializes in providing website and website development services to a wide range of clients. This process involves designing, creating, testing and maintaining.

  • Website design, implementation and maintain
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • All your social media combined in one place!
  • Booking system for your events
  • Reception of messages through website

Branding & Advertising Campaigns

We offer a comprehensive range of services experience in branding, digital marketing & social media management. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and goals, and to develop customized campaigns that align with their brand identity and target audience.

  • Digital marketing & advertisement
  • Performing ad campaigns (Meta, Google, etc.)
  • Improving search engines
  • Designing social media posts & stories
  • Brand identity services

Print & marketing products

We can print everything you need to communicate your business message effectively; easily, quickly, & with low cost. Whether you need to order thousands of flyers or business cards or one large window sticker or advertisement, we always deliver it according to your wishes.

  • Printing business cards, flyers & menus
  • Packaging labels & stickers for floors, walls, or vehicles
  • Posters available in both small and large formats
  • LED neon signs

Digital signage

We deliver the content to the screens located in your company's premises exactly the way you want. The content can be, for example, a menu, an updated lunch menu or other information for customers. 

  • Easily updatable graphics
  • Always up-to-date information for customers
  • Screens of all sizes in either horizontal or vertical position
  • Static or animated content

Our products

Ordering system for restaurants

Your restaurant's own app for all activities and orders! Through the application, the customer can place an order, reserve a table, browse the online menu and pay for orders. The application works seamlessly on all platforms and does not necessarily require any downloads.

Premium collection for restaurants

We want to make the everyday life of restaurants easier, so we have put together a collection of accessories that will help you get started easily when taking orders. The collection includes, among other things, the OrderOne device, website, ordering app and much more!

Tap & order

In the interior of your restaurant, you can use small table stands or stickers that allow customers to place an order and pay with QR scanning or NFC technology.


The materials and methods you use to promote your company and your products say a lot about who you are and the values you subscribe to. We can print everything you need to communicate your business message effectively: business cards, flyers, window tapes, neon signs, packaging, stickers, menus, postcards, labels, posters and much more.Through our printing service, you can easily, quickly, & with low cost get all kinds of prints. Whether you need to order thousands of flyers or business cards or one large window sticker or advertisement, we always deliver it according to your wishes and with unfailing accuracy.


Promopusher on täydellinen ratkaisu yrityksille, jotka haluavat hallita asiakastietokantaansa helposti ja lähettää kohdennettuja tarjouksia ja alennuksia Helppokäyttöisen käyttöliittymämme avulla voit nopeasti lisätä uusia asiakkaita rekisteriisi ja pitää heidän tiedot ajan tasalla. Järjestelmämme avulla voit segmentoida asiakasluettelosi eri kriteerien, kuten iän, sijainnin ja ostohistorian, perusteella, jolloin voit lähettää kohdennettuja tarjouksia ja alennuksia oikeille ihmisille oikeaan aikaan.

Our clients’ reviews

Murtaza RahimiMurtaza Rahimi
11:56 01 May 23
Professional team,full of knowledge about website of the design,I suggest for other companies (fresh hair cut)
Amir HeidariAmir Heidari
15:07 27 Apr 23
Found your online food ordering, it is excellent, same foods but cheaper!
Matin ForouzmehrMatin Forouzmehr
16:28 23 Apr 23
I have been using the app, developed by Nordantia Oy, for months now almost replaced other food ordering apps for me. Comes with intuitive user interface and it is also pocket friendly :)) (Same meals with cheaper prices compared to the other apps). Keep the good work up Nordantia!
11:26 23 Apr 23
I´ve been an IT student trainee and Nordantia team was very professional and supporting. I was given a lot of knowledge and practice. Thank you!
19:39 21 Apr 23
Your website service and online food ordering is great!At Marmaris Ravintola we are using it and we recommend it

EU:n tukema kehitysprojekti

Nordantian Ravintolasovellus on toteutettu EU:n tukemana projektina, jonka tarjoitus on tuoda kohtuuhintainen tilausjärjestelmä yhä useamman ravintolan käyttöön. Tavoitteenamme on ollut kehittää järjestelmä, joka vastaa kaikkiin ravintolan vaatimuksiin ja mahdollistaa tilausten sujuvan vastaanoton ja asiakkaiden kanssa vuorovaikutuksen helposti ja edullisesti.