Premium collection for restaurants

What it takes to be a professional restaurant owner?

You need to look different and provide a variety of options for your customers.

The premium collection contains everything you need to make your operations more efficient:

  • The Nordantia OrderOne device that you use to receive and print orders

  • The restaurant's own website

  • Real time lunch list

  • Real time menu

  • The restaurant's own order application

  • Tap & Order –ständit ravintolan sisäisiin tilauksiin

  • 800 pieces of flyers that you can distribute to your customers

All products also available separately.

Now all this only

120 €/ month + VAT

(Norm. €150 / month + VAT, offer valid for a limited time)

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Your Own Website

A website is a powerful tool to establish your presence in the market.

Think of it as a window to your restaurant, showcasing different aspects such as the home page, lunch menu, à la carte offerings, and contact information. Having your own brand and online platform allows your loyal customers to easily connect with you, ensuring a steady income.

As part of our premium package, Nordantia provides you with an impressive website.

Food Ordering System

An efficient and secure app and ordering system are crucial for your customers to conveniently place their orders.

It's not just about making sales; it's also about creating a feedback loop to continuously improve.

Nordantia offers a comprehensive system that allows your customers to download an app for seamless ordering. With this system, you can also access insightful reports and analytics.

Order Receiver Device

When customers place orders through your website, you need a reliable device to receive and process their information, as well as print the orders for your chefs.

Nordantia offers a convenient combo device, OrderOne, that combines a printer and phone, optimizing space utilization in your kitchen.

Dine-In Quick Order

Customers dining at your restaurant should enjoy a smooth and efficient ordering process, whether in person or contactless.

Tap & Order With our Tap & Order system, customers can easily access your menu by simply scanning a QR code with their smartphone cameras. No need to download any additional app.

This system can serve as a virtual waiter, or when set to Read-only mode, waiters can take orders in person.

Advertisement for your restaurant

To reach different types of customers, digital solutions like websites, food ordering systems, and Tap & Order may not always be enough.

Physical paper advertisements can give your business a great boost.

Our premium collection includes 800 flyers designed for your restaurant, each of which has your restaurant's QR code.

If you require ongoing flyer distribution or digital advertising, we can provide separate packages or customized deals to suit your needs.


As you can see, our premium collection package is a treasure trove of tools and resources, carefully curated to boost your restaurant's success.

With Nordantia, your business can embrace the future, effortlessly manage orders, provide exceptional customer experiences, and expand your reach.

120 €/ month + VAT

(Norm. €150 / month + VAT, offer valid for a limited time)

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